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Welcome to the web page of Aygun Construction Company


Aygun Construction Co. completed succesfully from the beginning of its establishment its construction works and decoration works with the Istanbul Municipality, Ministry of Public and Settling Works, Bank of Turkey Vakiflar Bank, of Türkiye Halk within its home country; and also it has investments in the countries like Kirgizistan and in other Turkish Repubblics.


Our company completed succesfully construction of building of Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at Turk-Kirgiz Manas University and within the frame of the country needs we have a residence project in this country.


Also we have a represantative office at Kazakistan and we have a new construction work at the new capital city of the country, Astana.


Our firm has a capacity of working at every part of the world because of its dynamism, its experienced technical people, its administration and its worldwide vision. For the future we are in the search of new contractor works supported by our government and Turkish municipalities; and also we are looking for new contractor works Kirgizistan, Kazakistan and Turkish Republic countries and UAE.